A Novel Approach In The Management Of Angina

TRIAL CONDUCTED BY: Professor Dr. Nusrat Ara Majeed, Fellowship Cardiology (USA), Fellowship Cardiology (Japan), Head of Department of Medicine and Cardiology Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi.

Angina falls into that category of medical diseases where we know the cause, but cannot do anything to eradicate the cause. The only management option is to understand the pathophysiology of this disease and then treat the symptoms accordingly. Since CVS diseases are a big problem all over the world, there have been efforts to understand the basic mechanisms and to counter the disease process at its initial stages.

We all know that atherosclerosis is initiated by defects on pores in the endothelium, and then oxidation of lipid parables and platelets aggregation result in plaque formation and cause narrowing of blood vessels, resulting in Angina.

To check these stages of plaque formation, aspirin, anti-thrombotics, anti-platelets and anti-oxidants have been tried in the management and prophylaxis of I.H.D.

During the last decade, China, a booming economy, introduced an herbal compound. FDA approved which possesses not only all the above-mentioned powers to combat the disease, but also act as a good prophylactic agent as well. So a study was conducted to enable its effects in Angina Pectoris in 60 patients. Besides clinical / subjective evaluation changes in ECG and Echo were recorded before and after the therapy. Results were amazing since 90-95% of the patients termed it as “a very effective medicine” and are willing to continue it for as long as needed.