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  • 12 June


    Watch Sehatmand Dil Ka Raaz on HTV tonight at 10:30pm with Pakistan's renowned cardiologist Prof. Dr. Shahbaz Kureshi. Repeat episodes will be on Saturday June 13 at 1:30pm, Sunday June 14 at 3:30pm, Thursday June 18 at 9:30am.

  • 08 June

    Cardiology Update Conference Organized By AFIC

    Trigen Pharma will be actively participating in Cardiology Update Conference in Bhurban from June 12th to June 14th 2015.

  • 08 June

    Sehatmand Dil Ka Raaz

    TriCardin has recently been discussed by Pakistan's most prominent Cardiologists on HTV (formerly Health TV) show "Sehatmand Dil Ka Raaz". To view these episodes please Click here