Tasly Institute

Tasly Institute

Tasly Institute owns a large group of Departments of scientific research management and service departments, like the Modern TCM Department, Chemical Medicine Department, Pharmacology and Toxicology Department, Medical Analysis Department, International Medical Research and Registration Center, Medical Affairs Management Center, Clinical Medicine Department, Project Management Department, and Logistics and Equipment Management Department, etc.

Now the Institute includes working personnel of management staff and professional technicians numbering more than 130, including 22 with doctor degree, 38 with master degree, and senior technicians exceed 65% of the working staff.

Tasly always emphasizes investment on scientific research. The invested amount composes over 10% of its sales revenue. Its researching field covers Chinese medicine, chemical drugs, biomedicine, health care products, food and beverages.

Meanwhile, the Institute is equipped with advanced technology and professional experts. In 2002, it was named 'Enterprise-oriented Technological Center of the State'. In 2000, the Personnel Ministry of China approved the establishment of a Post-doctoral Research Center in Tasly. Tasly was ratified by the Science and Technology Ministry as one of the experimental enterprises for innovative production.

The Developing Concept of Tasly Institute

Following the concept of 'setting up institute that is open to the world, Tasly tries to make extensive cooperation with famous universities and research academies both at home and abroad. Tasly has established technologically innovative system based on the combination of core and periphery institutes, exclusive and inclusive researches, basic and applicable researches. Tasly has made extensive cooperation with many overseas scientific research institutes and universities like Harvard University, Aston University in England, Baker Medical Research Institute in Australia, etc. and has formed a huge scientific researching system with Tasly's characteristics.

The Institute is trying to build up R&D platform and Project Management Platform through resource optimization, integration and appropriate arrangement. Via the establishment of the two platforms, the Institute will make its due contribution to the sustainable development of the whole Group.

Tasly Post Doctoral Station

Tasly post doctoral station was approved by National Ministry of Personnel in 2002. Up to the end of 2006, nine post-doctors had joined Tasly, and conducted researches on genetic studies for coronary heart disease, chemical ingredients of natural herbal plants, cell culture and industrialization and biological enzymes engineering application in TCM modernization, clinical research on circulatory system, TCM internationalization, and modern pharmaceutical enterprise management. Tasly signed agreements on collaborated training for post doctors with Tianjin University, Nankai University, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Up to June, 2007, seven post-doctors had successfully finished their research at Tasly.

During postdoctors' training program at Tasly Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station, they were offered high salaries and welfare in accordance with the national regulation, first-rate laboratories and highly efficient encouraging mechanisms. Excellent ones will be selected to receive further training in Europe based on their mid-term assessment, which provides the opportunity to get a rise or a promotion. Four of them have visited Germany and England for further researches.

To direct at the strategy of ' Great Health', Tasly Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station will continue to strengthen its management methods, as well as to recruit doctors around the globe who want to devote themselves to the research of Chinese Medicine, chemical medicine and biology in order to make full use of their potential and expand their careers.