Pan Health

Brief of Pan Health Museum:

Tasly Pharmaceutical Group built a museum in Tianjin to relive Tasly’s history from inception to a global leader.  This unique dedicated Pan Health Museum is based at Tasly Headquarters in Tianjin and visited by people all over the world to learn about Tasly’s history, rapid growth and its vision for the future. 

The museum was inaugurated by Chairman Tasly Group Mr. Yan Xijun at a grand event on the 20th Anniversary of Tasly Group in 2014.

The Pan-Health museum consists of Four Floors. 

Basement-Introduction to Tasly Group and documents its rapid progress through the years.

Ground Floor-Tasly Great Health Exhibition Hall showcases the innovation and drive behind Tasly’s rapid rise to become a Chinese giant with global reach.

First Floor-Unique details of Tasly’s pharmaceutical development, unique technology development and marketing strength to move traditional chinese medicine on to a high technology platform.

Second Floor-Health Management and Service Center.  This floor showcases all the high technology that people can use for improving their health including free checkups.

Tasly International, which is in charge of Tasly’s international operations, together with its overseas branches, receives some 40 delegations of domestic and foreign guests per annum totaling over 1,000. The firm hosts events for its 800,000 distributors worldwide, 3,700 training sessions a year involving 100,000 person-times. Leading overseas distributors are regularly invited to the headquarters for visit and learning purposes as the most direct way to promote the Tasly brand and Pan-Health culture.

This visit to the museum provided a hands-on experience of the corporate culture for each visitor, who, with an in-depth understanding of the essentials of Pan-Health would duplicate and pass on the corporate culture and Pan-Health concept to each Chinese or foreign employee, consumer and visitor.  In turn each consumer would become a guide for Tasly in the international market and a communicator of Pan-Health.