Future Collaboration

Future Collaboration Opportunities:

Quality, integrity and excellence have been the hallmarks of our business. 

Trigen Pharma believes in working together with foreign partners to achieve success in Pakistan.  The pharmaceutical industry is changing rapidly and Trigen Pharma has the expertise to remain at the forefront of innovation by introducing research based products form all over the world.

We are always on the look out for international partners to join us in our mission and for us to grow together and achieve unprecedented success and heights. 

If your company is looking for a dynamic and reliable partner in Pakistan then Trigen Pharma can help you in the following ways:

  • A committed management team that is professional, hard working, ethical and flexible to your needs to achieve our objectives together.
  • We offer you to join hands with the most dynamic marketing team who are veterans of the Pharma industry with extensive sales and marketing experience.
  • A large field force already established and operating in Pakistan
  • Contacts with all the leading consultants, physicians and hospitals of Pakistan.
  • Our flexible approach to your business needs and quick adaptation to the rapidly changing pharma market can make this a win-win partnership.
  • An extensive sales and distribution network that covers all of Pakistan.

For further details on how we can cooperate together, please contact: partners@trigenpharma.com