TriCardin FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about TriCardin
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General Information Questions:
  • » What Is TriCardin?

  • » What Does TriCardin Contain?

  • » What Is Danshenform Or Salvia Miltiorrhiza?

  • » What Are Dripping Pills?

  • » How Does TriCardin Compare To Other Natural Products And Other Danshenform Products In Pakistan?

  • » What Are Tasly’s Quality Standards? How Do They Differ?

  • » Is It Safe To Take TriCardin?

  • » What Are The Health Benefits Of TriCardin?

  • » What Is Unique About The Way TriCardin (danshen Compound Dripping Pills Combination) Is Produced By Tasly?

  • » What Does “state Protected Drug” Mean, Which Is Very Prestigious Status For Any Medicine?

  • » What Is The CFDA?

  • » What Research Has Been Conducted On TriCardin By Tasly?

  • » Do Trigen Pharma & Tasly Collaboration Products Contain Heavy Metals?

  • » From Where Do You Source Your Ingredients?

  • » How Do I As A Consumer Know That The Product I Purchase Contain The Ingredients That Are On The Label And At Full Potency?

  • » Why Is TriCardin Considered The Only Medicine Of Its Kind In The World?

  • » Why Do Heart Specialists In Pakistan And Abroad Recommend TriCardin?

  • » How Does TriCardin Work?

  • » Is There A Generic Brand Of TriCardin?

Questions about TriCardin:
  • » How Does TriCardin Help My Heart Health?

  • » How Often Do I Need To Take TriCardin?

  • » How Do I Keep My Heart Healthy?

  • » How Do I Take TriCardin For Treatment? What Dose Of TriCardin Should Be Taken For Preventive Purpose

  • » What Form Does TriCardin Come In?

  • » What Happens If I Stop Taking TriCardin For A Few Days?

  • » When Is The Best Time To Take TriCardin?

  • » Are There Any Special Instruction For Taking TriCardin?

  • » What To Do If I Stop Taking TriCardin For A Day Or Two?

  • » Can I Take TriCardin With My Prescription Medicines?

  • » Should I Stop My Other Cardiac Medicines When I Start To Take TriCardin?

  • » Are There Any Restrictions On How To Take TriCardin?

  • » Can My Child Take TriCardin?

  • » Why Should I Take TriCardin Regularly If I Am Not A Heart Patient?

  • » Why Is TriCardin Important For Heart Patients?

  • » After Using TriCardin For A Month Or So, How Will I Know That It Has Worked?

  • » Why Is Regular Use Of TriCardin Beneficial For Health?

  • » Why Is TriCardin Important For Diabetes Patients?

  • » Why Is TriCardin Important For High Blood Pressure Patients?

Health/Safety Questions:
  • » What Are The Side Effects?

  • » Is It Safe To Take TriCardin Every Day?

  • » Where Can I Purchase TriCardin?

  • » Can Pregnant Women Take TriCardin?

  • » What Are The Contraindications For TriCardin?