Trigen Pharma launched very successfully its blockbuster research medicine TriCardin, which is Tasly’s flagship product. Since then, we have never looked back and have emerged as a leading player in the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry and in the field of Cardiology.

We have signed agreements with many leading players in the world in the field of pharmaceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals and biotech products which are going to be launched soon.

The worldwide market for phytopharmaceuticals is one of the most interesting business areas within the pharmaceutical market, because it is the most rapidly expanding. This is shown by its sustained growth, which arises from the positive attitude of large parts of the population, together with the better tolerability of medicines from natural sources. Successful product introductions throughout the world demonstrate the capability of the company to meet the multi-layered demands of the Pakistan market flexibly and rapidly.

Our strength and focus has always been to introduce in Pakistan all medicines made by world class companies who are leaders in their respective fields. All our medicines are backed by the latest international research, clinical trials, joint marketing support and international publications for effective marketing in Pakistan. Our corporate vision is to provide the best unique medicines in Pakistan which are evidence based.