Microcirculation And Human Body

STUDY CONDUCTED BY: Professor Dr. Nusrat Ara Majeed, Fellowship Cardiology (USA), Fellowship Cardiology (Japan), Head of Department of Medicine and Cardiology Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi.


Blood vessels are present in each and every organ of the body. The main Pathology i.e. atherosclerosis starts from the vessels and ultimately involves all vital organs i.e. heart, kidney, brain, liver and the eye.

Clear vessel means a healthy heart and rest of the body.

TriCardin is a compound which can effectively maintain the health of the vessel and the whole body.

It was tried in more than 1200 patients with:

I.H.D - 90% of trial
C.V.A  - 7%
Other problems - 3%

It showed remarkable effect in all the ailments; the beauty of the product is it being 100% side effect free.