To Assess The Efficacy Of TriCardin In Patients With Stable Angina Pectoris

TRIAL CONDUCTED BY: Professor Dr. Mohammad Hafeezullah, Chairman and Head of Cardiology, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar Dr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan, Dr. Saqib Qureshi, Dr. Mohammad Fahim, Dr. Cheragh Hassan (Department of Cardiology, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar)


To assess the efficacy of Danshenform compound (TriCardin) in patient with angina pectoris already on optimal dose of anti anginal therapy assessed by exercise tolerance test.

Material and Methods

  • Twenty patients of stable angina were included in the study who was already taking optimum doses of anti anginal medication.
  • Informed consent was taken.
  • Patients were exercised on treadmill according to Bruce protocol at baseline, one week and four week.
  • At second week Danshenform compound 500 mg was given bid for four weeks.
  • Duration and number of anginal episodes before and at the end of 4th week recorded.
  • Total exercise time, onset of chest pain during exercise, onset of ST segments depression before and after treatment with Danshenform compound recorded.
  • Mean and one SD for continuous variable calculated. To know the level of significance affected by the treatment Paired t- test was applied for continuous variables.
  • P value of 0.05 considered significant. SPSS version 10 was used for statistical analysis.


Danshenform compound is effective agent in reducing anginal episodes, increasing exercise duration, delaying the onset of ST depression and chest pain on exercise tolerance test in patient with ischemic heart disease.